Debt collection defense

High rate of success

Stevie is dedicated to providing affordable excellences to clients facing difficult legal situations. Stevie can handle collections suits from loan and credit card companies and debt settlement negotiations.

What are 3rd Party Debt Buyers?
These are companies the purchase old charged-off credit card and loan debt, often for only a few cents on the dollar and then sue for the entire amount.

What if I don’t respond to the court?
The Plaintiff will get a default judgment against you and that judgment can be used as lien on any future property and to freeze and garnish your back accounts.

Can I just handle this case myself?
If you attend court the Plaintiff’s attorney can put you on the stand and ask you questions. There is no ‘pleading the 5th’ in civil matters and you often wind up making their case for them.

How will you win my case?
Debt buyers very rarely have the proof needed to show that there was an original debt and that they now legally own that debt. I have done hundreds of these cases and have an excellent success rate.

Cases filed by the following creditors

are often winnable

Midland Funding

LVNV Funding

Atlantic Credit

Midland Credit Management


Velocity Investments

Portfolio Recovery Services

Asset Acceptance

Worldwide Asset

Cavalry SPV

Jefferson Capital Systems

Main Street Acquisitions

Second Round Sub

AutoVest LLC

Crown Asset Management

Capital One

DNF Associates

TD Bank