The personal service you and your case will receive at Cincilla & Draklan Law is what sets us apart.

Reasonable Flat Rate Fees: We believe that legal representation should be affordable. Discounts are available for veterans, senior citizens, and hardships.

Cincilla & Draklan Law will handle your case personally: Unlike many firms with large coverage areas, we do not contract our cases out to other lawyers.

I was so upset about receiving my first traffic ticket and I was unsure how to proceed with reducing the points/fine. I was sent a flyer through the mail explaining the legal services Draklan Law provides and immediately called, it was in the evening hours and I was still able to speak with someone immediately. Stevie Draklan made the process easy, advised me on each step and got my fine and points reduced with a 15 minute visit to the magistrate’s office. I recommend her services if you want to save yourself a lot of time and headaches!


I was in need of a lawyer due to being sued for an old collection that at the time, I couldn’t pay off. As this was the first and only time I have ever had legal trouble, I was juggling how to handle the situation. Luckily Ms. Draklan’s services were exactly what I needed. Not just were her services affordable, I did not have to appear in court. All she required was the case number and a few weeks later, we won our case. I would definitely hire her again.


I am so happy that I hired Stevie to work my case regarding a speeding and expired registration citation I received. She was extreamly responsive to all my questions before my hearing and got my fines reduced with no points on my record. I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for legal representation, especially for traffic citations.


I has visited PA over the holidays and had a car accident. I had contacted a bunch of lawyers in the area for help with my situation. She was the most responsive and did an excellent job communicating my options and her role in helping me out. I highly recommend her for your lawyer needs.


Represented me in a civil case gone wrong (ended with a criminal charge against me). Atty. Draklan went above and beyond her duties in my civil case and had my unwarranted criminal charge dismissed. While outside of her immediate case style, she researched my case to an extent not usually seen by attorneys and put me at ease with her guiding my case to its ultimate dismissal. Thank you Stevie Draklan.


I was having some legal trouble and I never knew fighting back was so simple. I was being sued for an old collection account and I was in need of a lawyer. Ms. Draklan took my case and it was hands off on my part. All she needed was the case number and she did the rest. In about a month, we won the case and the rest is history. I would highly recommend her services as I would use them again if I were in a similar situation.


Hiring Stevie was one of the smartest decisions I made. I had a large debt owed to Discover card, and no end to the payments in sight. Stevie represented me and was able to have my total balance due reduced by 30%, and arrangements were made for the remaining balance to be paid within 12 months. I was served with court papers twice for this matter and never had to appear in court. I work out of state and am not always easily reached, Stevie made sure (through emails and voicemail) that I knew what was going on every step of the way.


Miss. Draklan did an amazing job for me she kept me in loop every step of the way with my case. I also learned a lot from her which I did not know she was very easy to talk you whenever I had a question she always respond and personally I would recommend her to any and everyone. I even took a couple of her cards off the table just in case someone needed a good lawyer. You will not regret if you choose Miss. Draklan as your representative. If u want a lawyer that love what they do enough to care about their clients individually Stevie Draklan is for you.


We love how quickly she responded and help us!!! Very kind, professional and price was comfortable!!!


Excellent attorney to work with. I am from out of the area, and received a traffic violation. Stevie handled it quickly and professionally, responding quickly to communication and keeping me updated at each step.